Tiffany Recommends: A Regency Romance Recommendation

Dear Reader,

Yes, I can without doubt confirm there are whispers going around and an uncommon lot of colorful secrets yet to be shared from the glamorous author-y world of Tiffany St. Claire, but that’s not why I’m writing you today. Instead, I wanted to ask: have you read this Regency era romance novel yet?

If not, get thee hence to Amazon and do so. I’m quite sure it is precisely your cup of tea!

An Unexpected Proposal <—Click this link to get it on Amazon

Lady Claire Leighton is not interested in marriage. Her only goal for her third Season is to help her friend, Melisande Ruebrige, win her duke. But when Mel decides to use trickery and deceit to further her quest, Claire is uncertain just how far the bonds of friendship and loyalty will stretch … especially when the duke in question makes her feel none of the things she should and everything she shouldn’t.

…and you know this means Claire is attracted to the duke Mel wants, which means she’s gonna be fighting what she wants because of what she promised to do for her friend. Should she? Could she? Dare he? How could he not? Yes! All that and more in this story and we all know those internal character struggles are awesome to read!

When you finish it, I’m just as sure you’ll also love the second book in Ms. Dobbs’ Unexpected series: An Unexpected Passion. Aw, heck. Why not go ahead and pick up both books today? I have it on good authority there’s going to be a third book soon and you’re definitely going to want to be all caught up, right?

More on the cryptic announcements soon, but for now, have a great read! 🙂