A Whisper of Temptation – Cover Reveal!

awhisperoftemptation-tiffanystclaireOne softly spoken whisper of temptation and all bets are off!

Sebastian thinks his being charged to ensure Fallon’s safety is a bit like locking the proverbial fox in the henhouse.

Things are going fine despite his wolfish hunger until Fallon’s passionate whisper hits a fiery target she wasn’t even aware existed.

Passion wars with honor in a battle against temptation that can only end in surrender.


Oooh, isn’t it gorgeous?! This gem of a story is about Sebastian Hunter, Cian’s silly, eccentric friend from A Whisper of Seduction. You guys remember him, right?

Well, it’s about time he’s getting his own story, don’t you think? I certainly do, and I have to say that throwing him to the proverbial wolves was quite entertaining. Fallon is quite the mischievous lady and doesn’t give Sebastian time to catch his breath before she changes the rules on him again and again.

I can’t wait for the release and I hope you guys are anticipating it just as much (or even more!) than I. Details on when that is will be posted in a day or two, but until then, enjoy the cover and the blurb!


P.S. Regarding Almost Midnight: It’s taking me a bit longer than anticipated having it done, but rest assured you’ll be the first to know when it is. Please bear with me as I wish to deliver a story worth both your time and mine.