awhisperofdeception-tiffanystclaireA WHISPER OF DECEPTION

Julian Drake finds himself in a difficult situation: marry or spend an indefinite amount of time listening to his sister insist he find a wife. When an innocent gathering leads to a scintillating kiss between himself and Chloe Fenton, the vicar’s daughter, Julian thinks he’s found the perfect out he needs to silence his sister at last. But he never anticipated becoming emotionally involved, nor what a painful web his whisper of deception would ultimately weave.

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anuncommonduchess-tiffanystclaireSMAN UNCOMMON DUCHESS: Part 1

Lillian Archer well knows her place in the world as a mere innkeeper’s daughter. Content with her simplistic life, she sees people for who they are rather than what station in life they were born to—until the Duke of Haydes routs her from her bed and introduces her to the world of high society—his world … and makes her dream of something more.

Sebastian Forbes, the Duke of Haydes, knows he must choose a proper wife and get about the business of producing the requisite heir for the dukedom even if the mere thought of marriage terrifies him. But when he meets down-to-earth Lillian Archer, an innkeeper’s daughter who doesn’t give a fig about titles and wealth and how one should go about in Polite Society, he begins to search for a way to make her his.

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almostmidnight-tiffanystclaireSMALMOST MIDNIGHT

Elyssa Sutherland has always craved a life of excitement, but she never expected it to come through being compromised!

A series of balls both grand and glorious…

When, night after night, a mysterious, masked stranger seeks her out, dances the final waltz with her and then promptly disappears before the unmasking, Elyssa is determined to discover his true identity. When her quest for truth leads her into a dangerously compromising situation, Druin Lindley, her brother’s best friend and the Earl of Manton, steps in to ruin her plans — and quite possibly her life. In an instant, all her romantic dreams are crushed.

To keep her reputation intact, Elyssa is both betrothed and married to Druin, almost before she can blink. Her chance of finding her happily ever after with the intriguing man in the mask is lost to her forever — but there is one last ball to attend, and when the clock strikes midnight at last, Elyssa discovers what she has so desperately yearned to find is right there in front of her — as it has been all along.

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One softly spoken whisper of temptation and all bets are off!

Sebastian thinks his being charged to ensure Fallon’s safety is a bit like locking the proverbial fox in the henhouse.

Things are going fine despite his wolfish hunger until Fallon’s passionate whisper hits a fiery target she wasn’t even aware existed.

Passion wars with honor in a battle against temptation that can only end in surrender.


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